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  • Loyal Guests Increased by 23%
  • Increased Star & Diamond Rating!
  • At-Risk Customers Decreased by 39%
  • Non-Loyal Customers Decreased by 76%
  • Top 10% company rankings for Guest Satisfaction &  Loyalty!




The Door of Opportunity Opens With a Smile

Adobe PDF Document iconThe Door of Opportunity Opens With a Smile!




"Think of the smile as the key – a literal key to opening a door. Just as literal as the keys given to guests every day to open their guest room door.





key door lock



Your guest is the door – on the other side of that door is your guest satisfaction rating. What will it be?"

 Read the Hotel Business Review-HotelExecutive.com-April FeatureFocus 




Reprinted from the Hotel Business review with permission from www.hotelexecutive.com 

QAs that benefit your Product

ways the QA inspection process can be used to advance the success of your property 

- Benefiting Your People, Product & Profit

Part 2:  Benefiting your Product!

In follow-up to the first part in this series (“QA (Quality Assurance) Inspections - A waste of time or advancing the success of your property? - Three ways to advance the success of your property - Benefiting Your People, Product & Profit), we will now look at the second way to make your QA process advance the success of your business, benefiting your product.

pmsavesBenefit your product:
No one disagrees on the financial necessity of preventative maintenance and proper deep cleaning of all aspects of your property. Without proper deep cleaning schedules and preventative maintenance, equipment wears out sooner, increases electrical costs (easily by 10% or more), hurts Trip Advisor ratings, and ultimately business levels and ADR.

There is no dispute that preventative maintenance and deep cleaning is a fundamental part of protecting your investment.  Yet, there is some debate on the necessity of software vs. manual tracking and documentation.  One might ask, "Why would a property leave something this important to manual systems, which more often than not leads to critical items slipping through the cracks?"  Imagine having a manual based record keeping system in your accounting department?  No way!  The potential for human error would be too costly.  Thus, investing in accounting software tools is an obvious decision.  



The situation is no different for heart of the house departments such as Housekeeping and Maintenance which are charged with the care and upkeep of your product.  Yet, too many hoteliers still opt for manual tracking systems even at the detriment of their investment.  

Wouldn't you agree that General Managers and Owners should be able to see at a glance the status of their property's care?  Reservations, payroll, when staff clock in and clock out - all are at the General Manager's fingertips.  Shouldn't a General Manager also be able to see exactly what has and has NOT been done at their property in Housekeeping and Maintenance at any time?

In the example to the right, Touch System users run their Quality Assurance Report and at a glance see everything that has been done, as well as any tasks that are past due.  This is highly beneficial to owners and General Managers alike. 

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QA (Quality Assurance) Inspections - Do you view it as a fruitless activity or an opportunity to advance the success of your property?

3 ways the QA inspection process can be used to advance the success of your property - Benefiting Your People, Product & Profit

Part 1:  Benefiting your People!

Quality Assurance Inspections are of utmost importance to every hotelier.  Seriously, it’s true.  Switch "QA" for "TA"..."Trip Advisor" and now even skeptics of this process are keenly interested.  While I know that there are General Managers out there who don't see the value of brand QA inspections, there isn't a single one who isn't interested in their Trip Advisor reviews.  Why is there a disconnect?  Isn't it logical that the brand would have an internal check & balance for their name, their standards, and their reputation?  Further, General Managers are highly committed to assuring the quality of their product.  Yet, some see no value in the QA process and consider them a "necessary evil" that needs to be checked off their "to do" list.  Could it be that one reason this perception exists for some, is that the approach to the QA itself is ineffective and inefficient?  If that is the case, how can it be turned around into a tool that can be used to advance the success of your property - your people, your product and your profit?

Let's consider how the difference between a stationary exercise bike, and a bicycle, can well illustrate the difference between an effective QA and an ineffective QA process. 

Both require time, energy, and the same motion.  However, one keeps you in exactly the same place while the other advances you from point A to point B.

spinningwheels                                               pointApointB

It can be similar with the QA process.  You can either go through the process as if on a stationary bike, or it can be a vehicle that advances your business to the next level.  In this 3 part series we’ll look at 3 ways to accomplish this objective.  The first:  Make the QA process a true benefit to your people.

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Hard Rock Tampa surpasses 20,000 employee recognition Touches!

Starkin' It!
IMG 4033Earlier this year the Hard Rock Tampa Hotel and Casino was featured in an article for Hotel Executive on the subject of Sustaining Service Culture That Drives Radical Change. Since then a significant milestone has been realized! Over 20,000 Team Member Recognitions have been given by this amazing team! What! How? Why? Let's first flash back to the original article and interview with VP of HR, JC Ayers...

This AAA Four-Diamond award winning property has over 3,400 employees and 400 managers, its casino is one of the most successful casinos in the country. JC describes what began in early 2014:

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