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18 12, 2018

Recognition Only Works When It Spreads

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When we highlight that a team member has done something that matches our philosophy, that matches our mission statement, that matches our brand culture, that impact can go a really long way but only if it spreads if everybody knows about these instances so back in the day when we used to have little milk cards we [...]

13 11, 2018

Protecting Hotel Guests from a Silent Killer

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When was the last time you rifled through papers to track an order, or opened a folder to confirm payment of an invoice? Our everyday, personal and business transactions can usually be verified online.  No more searching through files or asking someone else if they had the paperwork. In the business environment, automated systems remove the [...]

29 08, 2018

Pre-shift Attitude

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Personify the attitude you want your team members to personify for the rest of their shift.  Smiles, greetings and a professional attitude make for a great customer experience.