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How healthy is your team’s attitude towards guest opportunities (aka issues, complaints, problems)?  Do they see them as a problem, or as a genuine opportunity?  The success of your organization’s ability to build a growing loyal customer base depends on having a healthy attitude towards challenging situations.

Studies show that customers who experience a problem and have it resolved to their satisfaction are significantly more likely to return and to recommend you than those who experienced no problems at all.

Why?  Because, when something does go wrong and it’s handled well, the guest experiences hospitality in action. When their situation is resolved to their individual satisfaction, the guests remember the experience favorably. This also builds in them confidence that, in the future, if there’s a problem, it will be resolved. They will be cared for.  You will go A Step Above the Rest for them.

Thus, a healthy attitude towards challenges means that team members see the guest first as an individual, with individual needs, feelings, and circumstances.  It further means your team is prepared to go A Step Above the Rest!

This month, challenge your team members to go A Step Above the Rest!  Not just fixing what went wrong.  Rather, create with them a brand new personalized story to post, share, and tweet; one that broadcasts your commitment to their loyalty.

To learn more about developing healthy attitudes and turning a guest problem into an opportunity, receive your complimentary copy of Stark Service Solutions’ Go WOW Handbook, an excellent supplement to your training curriculum.  Encourage all departments to incorporate into their Pre-Shift Meetings the Core Hospitality Principle, A Step Above the Rest.   Challenge your team to put it into action this month in every aspect of their life – with guests, co-workers, family, community, and themselves.

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Naomi Stark is President/CEO of Stark Service Solutions