Land O’ Lakes, Florida – February 1, 2017 – One of the biggest challenges facing business owners, managers and Human Resources professionals today – employee recognition – has a powerful and compelling new solution with the introduction of SHINE, designed and developed by the award-winning team at Stark Service Solutions.

“Savvy businesses know that a big key to customer satisfaction is employee satisfaction, the engagement of employees within a business, and the realization that happy staff leads to happy customers,” said Naomi Stark Burgess, founder and President of Stark Service Solutions.  “The vast majority of companies are still using manually-based paper and email communication for their recognition programs.  In addition to delayed or missed recognition opportunities altogether, this further means that these companies do not have reports, history, or efficient data for annual reviews.”

Lack of recognition is one of the top issues identified on employee satisfaction surveys.  Many managers are left repeatedly trying to come up with new “action plans” to drive employee satisfaction and loyalty.  What is lacking is an effective tool.

“Stark Clients, such as Seminole Hard Rock Tampa, have for years benefited from the power of the Touch System™.  With the introduction of SHINE, an independent Touch System™ mobile application, businesses now have a new and enhanced solution that enables them to have both an internal and a customer-facing way to acknowledge great service and develop employee recognition that engages the customer, the employee, and the company,” Stark said.  “It’s a 360-degree approach to employee recognition bridging guest or customer experiences with internal initiatives.  In short, SHINE enables the business to celebrate their employee achievements in a meaningful, ongoing way that benefits all aspects of the business going forward.”

SHINE lets a company’s people recognize each other and celebrate success every day.  It’s a better way to appreciate employees, connect teams, connect with customers, and make engagement happen for you and your brand.

Using SHINE, team members are receiving real time recognition from their managers and peer-to-peer.   SHINE delivers instant team reaction and a sharp increase in their engagement.

“Companies and managers work hard to create a culture, but fall short when it comes to being able to sustain it,” said Stark.  “Bridging Human Resources, Training and Operations with SHINE is the perfect way to achieve the sustaining power that drives the kind of cultural change that radically affect companies’ competitive position and business performance. It’s the key business differentiator. Period.”

With SHINE, companies will never lose track of paper records again.  Human Resource managers can easily and efficiently operate recognition programs, and in some cases, implement new programs that they may have been unable to create before.  Team members become engaged in peer-to-peer reviews.  The big result – enthusiastic and energetic staff becoming engaged in the company’s performance.

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