Reaching the millennial audience is an issue that some businesses have yet to understand.  If you’re aware of how important it is to engage with them, though, you are on the right track.  It’s never been more important to maintain an open communication with both customers and employees alike.  Breaking through to your millennial audience can be much easier if you have the tools to do so.

Having direct communication in the palm their hands gives them the ability to get the information they need.  Your staff can react much quicker if they are not waiting for information.  It also opens up the ability to have prompt feedback on their performance.  There are many case studies that highlight the effects that positive reinforced feedback can have on your workforce.  If they know that their efforts were appreciated or even praised they will work harder knowing that they have made an impact.

Employees are more invested in the company’s well-being when they know that sentiment is reciprocated.  A personal and emotional investment is made by the employee.  That is the essence of how to connect with the millennial generation.

Industry leader, Daniel Gura, Director of Slot Operations at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa, reflects on the impact that having such tools and capabilities has made for his staff: