Waikiki ResortWAIKIKI HI, July 18, 2017— Software developed by Stark Service Solutions has revolutionized the way the Waikiki Resort Hotel operates. The Touch System™ developed by Stark is software that marries HR, Daily Operations, and Training. This system is the only type of software of its kind.

Chalida York, the Executive Housekeeper for the Waikiki Resort Hotel shared the positive influence The Touch System™ has made on the resort in a glowing testimonial. Chalida highlighted several aspects of the system that positively impacted her business, saying, “We started using Stark Service Solutions’ Touch System™ to make over our maintenance program. This service offered us features for room inspection, which provided us an additional benefit to Stark’s regular maintenance services. The Touch System™ allowed us to create a customized package that catered to our exact needs, while eliminating our need for manual paper tracking.”

To Chalida, the most significant feature of The Touch System™ was the implementation of the employee incentive program. Chalida noticed a positive shift in both the attitude and work ethic of her employees after the program was executed. Chalida describes this success, saying, “We were able to give employees points for good work, and the Touch System™ was able to evaluate those points to help us reward the employee with the best performance. Because of this, we have had a defined improvement in employee engagement, and we are starting to see how Stark Service Solutions’ Touch System™ has motivated our staff to go above and beyond to create a quality experience for our guests.”

Stark Service Solutions has been a leader in the hospitality industry since its founding in 2001. The software that they develop has helped countless hotels like the Waikiki Resort Hotel revolutionize the way they operate.