The Hospitality Industry has global reach, global impact and global responsibility.

Every one of us contributes to either the solution or the problem.


SustainabilityHistorically, in hospitality we have been a paper-manual-based industry:

  • paper-based employee recognition
  • paper welcome logs and “Red Books”
  • paper shift communication
  • paper inspections
  • paper work orders

It adds up. It’s not only proven to be operationally inefficient, it is costly to both labor resources and environmental interests.

Many Housekeeping & Maintenance departments still use manual tracking to inspect / track daily guest room, PM and Deep Clean programs, considering this as simply being “Old School.” How much of an impact does this have? We urge you to consider the stats below.


Reducing your company’s Waste Output?
Be sure to consider your internal paper usage.


The fact is, there are many great paperless options available! In 2004 Stark introduced the Touch System™. This Cloud Based software eliminates manual paper based communication methods. Of course, we hope you will choose our easy to use and cost effective solutions. However, we would rather you choose a competitor then continuing to use paper based tracking and documentation.

SustainabilityConsider the information below and you will see why this is such a passionate subject for us at Stark Service Solutions, LLC.


  • Making one piece of paper requires over 1.5 cups of water.
  • 40 reams of paper equates to 1.5 acres of pine forest that is no longer absorbing the carbon in our air.
  • 50% of the garbage in a landfill is paper.
  • In 2006, the US pulp and paper industry generated over 200 million pounds of hazardous wastes.


We have options for all departments to go paperless – eliminating paper tracking and communication in Housekeeping, Maintenance, Front Office and Food & Beverage – virtually all departments can go paperless with Stark’s Touch System!