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The Touch System contains your 3-in-1 toolbox: everything you need to manage Daily Operations, Human Resources and Customer Service Training.
Here are just some of the highlights.

SCORE BOARD: Keep track and keep score of all your teams to keep them fully engaged and participating in CAR: Communication, Accountability and Recognition. One glance tells you where each department stands month-to-date.

INSTANT MESSAGES: The fastest in-house messaging tool, especially useful for communicating Guest Opportunities, issues and special occasions to frontline staff, enabling you to take control of guest experiences while guests are still in-house.

COACHES CORNER: An effective solution that bridges HR, Training and Operations, designed to sustain a culture of highly engaged team members at hotel and resorts.

PRE-SHIFT TOOL: Puts current and accurate information in the hands of all members at the Pre-Shift Meeting, the most important part of the day for department manager. Each Pre-Shift Meeting directly impacts the following 7-8 hour shift of employee/guest interactions.

GUEST TOUCHES: This Customer Relationship Management tool has helped hotels and resorts raise their Net Promoter ratings and online review scores. Blake Warlich, CHRM, Best Western Clock Tower Plus says, “ The Touch System™ by Stark has really been a great tool in helping us create a guest-centric culture. It has also enabled us to bring back of house and front of house together under one umbrella, thanks to a much simpler interface for all our employees.”

CELEBRITY SIGHTING: Turns check-box recognition programs into festivities of team appreciation, resulting in higher engagement at hotels and resorts.

TOUCH CRITIQUES: Helps create teams with advanced guest-centric hospitality skills and sky-high secret shopper scores.  Tracks where mistakes take place for day-to-day comparisons.

TEAM TALK: Complete real-time communications with your entire hotel and resort team, direct from your phone, tablet or desktop.

INSPECTIONS AND WORK ORDERS: A complete suite of housekeeping and maintenance tools, including Room Inspections, Deep Cleaning Schedules, Preventive Maintenance Schedules and much more.

STARK REPORTS: All your emails and floating paper in one spot. Benefit from your own big data, with powerful analytics and archived data at your fingertips. Cumulative daily activity brings strong added value to proactive management.

RESOURCE PACKAGE: The most-used resources every team needs, including cameras, image galleries, resource libraries, scheduling and calendars of training and team events.

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“I’ve rolled out many initiatives over my career so I know, sustainability, really changing the culture takes more than just training. Think about it, it takes 5 weeks to form a habit and yet we think we can throw someone into a training class and expect a lasting change? Add to that turnover, and culture is eroding away before it gets going. In past experiences I’ve seen the typical spike that occurs following training. Then after six months, scores reverted to where they were originally. In another experience, we had a manual system for keeping the initiative going, it helped, but it wasn’t efficient. With this experience we’ve integrated the Touch System™ in the process. Every team, manager and supervisor can communicate, hold team members accountable, and recognize team members on the floor, from their phone or tablet. Now that we have a mobile software tool, everything is more effective and efficient. It has made things sooo much easier. We are completely confident that we are just beginning to realize our successes and that within the next nine months, we will achieve our goal of leading the industry in terms of exceptional guest experiences. The trend is solid, we are consistently moving in the same direction.”

JC Ayers, VP, Human Resources, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa

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