Red Carpet Treatment

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Every guest deserves the “star” treatment from before they even to check-in, to after they’ve checked out.  Show your bright smile and personality to your guests from phone etiquette to face to face interaction; your guests should feel welcomed and wanted.  Can your guests feel it?  Can they feel confident that you care about the quality of their stay? Can they feel confident and comfortable to speak to you for information or request? They need to.  They need to feel the care and hospitality of your staff.  They need to know that you care so that they feel confident in their decision to return.

I am here for you.

Guests should be guided through the experience of your hotel.  From standard information given at check-in to housekeeping and orders/requests, be sure that your guests are well informed and guided through the process.  If a guest asks you for something be sure to address their concern right away.  They should not have to ask twice and feel as though they have been forgotten while you were dealing with other guests.  Concerns should be addressed as soon as they are received for the same reason.  They know that they are not the only ones who are staying with you, and providing immediate support is a proven way to ensure they do not feel lost in the fray.

We are here for you.

Addressing guest concerns, though, is not a one person show.  This is a team effort.  Your entire staff should share in the effort to maintain quick response and consistency through the guest experience.  Having tools for your team to communicate, like the Touch System, are important to ensure that your team is able to pass on information in an expedient manner.  Do not let your guests feel as though you are passing them on to another staff member that has not been informed on the situation.  Create an environment for your guests that they do not want to leave.

Roll out the red carpet for every guest, every time.  Your guest is the “star,” and if they know you are there for them they will come back.